Vision and Mission

Vision and Mission

Data Science is the Real Target...


Empowering people in the field of Data Science through spread of knowledge and wisdom in an intelligent environment to improve life, business and government and prepare tomorrow’s data science researchers to address grand challenge problems.

Society for Data Science’s core purpose is to foster Data Science innovation and excellence for the benefit of humanity. S4DS has its mission to connect academia, industry and society in a diverse Data Science and AI ecosystem  where collaboration, innovation and engagement are key to the network.

We want to maximise participation and engagement from those in academia, industry and society. This means providing a platform where people can come together and share knowledge and experiences. Everyone in the ecosystem should feel motivated to participate by joining events, meetups or contributing to the S4DS blog and newsletter.

Innovation is key to S4DS being a nationally and internationally recognised leader in Data Science and AI. Those in our network should have the drive to apply and innovate Data Science and AI in research, business and society to the benefit of all involved.


Enriching the Knowledge

Enriching the knowledge of students, researchers, companies, governments and sponsors to structure their career to the glorious future in the field of Data Science. Creating a pool of distinguished experts to transform all fields, professions, and sectors through the application of data science.

We believe that education is the single most important component in fostering the growth and spread of the data science sector. Without support from educators, the challenges of tomorrow cannot be met. S4DS is dedicated to working with universities, learning centres and other institutions in the education sector who provide data science education and data science certification to achieve a variety goals. For instance, we seek to visualise, create and grow new educational opportunities within big data, providing talented students with new options to pursue for their career success, as well as to build better, stronger businesses. ​

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Enhancing the Academic Ability
Without new educational paths, students and aspiring professionals lack a clear-cut path to success in the realm of data science. Considering the increasing importance of data analysis and extrapolation to industries across the world, it has become vital that new education options are created and made available to students. We work with universities and education centres to outline, define and then create these paths, enhancing the academic ability to solve complicated business and societal problems through the analysis of large data sets
Adopting the unique multidisciplinary approach
Adopting the unique multidisciplinary approach where domain specific knowledge is used to truly understand the power and limitations of data. If big data and the data science industry is to thrive, it will do so as the result of the dedication of the educational establishment. Abilities of universities to draw in talented associates and to develop the skills they need to operate in the highly technical and challenging business environments of tomorrow is fundamental to the industry’s success. S4DS works closely with universities and reserves places on the Foundation’s Steering Committee for leading academics.
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Ensuring the Responsibility

Ensuring the responsible use of data for the benefit of the society.  S4DSn is a source of data science and artificial intelligence, knowledge and expertise; a communications and publishing platform for data scientists, a source of information for the public and a resource for organisations wanting to make better use of their data. We have built a community of people with similar interests, allowing them to communicate and to share knowledge and ideas. We promote the benefits of using data science, provide support to businesses new to data driven decision making and offer data science consultancy services.