Who We are

Who We Are

We are the Society for Data Science "S4DS"

A Non-Profit Professional Association

S4DS is a non-profit professional association to create a collaborative platform for bringing together technical experts across Industry, Academia, Government Labs and Professional Bodies to promote Innovation around Data Science.

Recognized as a “one of its kind” initiative rallying the technical community around an INDIA FIRST agenda.

We organize online Datathons, monthly challenges, digital meetups, webinars, workshops, summer schools, and many other events. At the Data Platform there are more than 1000 + registered like-minded Data Science enthusiasts from 20 plus countries willing to experiment with data, learn and share their experience. we endeavor to  Create a community of qualified and skilled data science professionals To encourage practitioners to consider the social and environmental impact of the decisions the data suggests they take:


SD4S welcomes all who are interested in

data science, data mining, statistical modeling, big data analytics, machine learning, deep learning, artificial intelligence and the art of data visualization to turn it into a valuable asset for your academic researches and data science careers.

S4DS is Committed