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Who Are We?

Empowering people in the field of Data Science through spread of knowledge and wisdom in an intelligent environment to improve life, business and government and prepare tomorrow’s data science researchers to address grand challenge problems. We believe that the use of data can improve decision making, but only if the social and environmental impact of decisions are evaluated alongside the knowledge and insight created though analytics. We help our members improve their decision making, to help them to make good decisions today and to make better decisions tomorrow.

A Non-Profit Association

S4DS is a Non-Profit Association bringing together technical experts, Professionals and Academia in the field of Data Science and Machine Learning. We are committed towards supporting the data science profession with practical resources for data professionals while improving the practice of Data Science.

Collaborative Platform

Society for Data Science is a collaborative platform for Professional Bodies to promote Innovation around Data Science. Setting standards for the ethical professional practice of data science. Assuring base-level data scientist competency. Advancing data science to serve core values of the scientific method and noblesse oblige.


Society for Data Science is an unique initiative rallying the technical community around an INDIA FIRST agenda. Whether you are a seasoned professional looking to give back to the next generation, or you are at the beginning of your career, S4DS Mentoring Program brings together our members with unique opportunities to advance their profession in Data Science.

Committed to Serve

Society for Data Science is committed to serves its members, improving the data science profession and advancing ethical data science. Connect with people who share your interests. You can be part to any of the Special Interest Groups or Chapters. S4DS Communities help you stay current, share experiences and broaden your Professional and Personal horizons.

Enhancing the Professional Ability in Data Science

Society for Data Science is enhancing the Academic Ability to solve complicated business and societal problems through the analysis of large data sets. S4DS is a fast growing international association for data science professionals. S4DS provides a unique and very valuable opportunities for data science professionals, and organizations to better understand and use a wide variety of big data science, machine learning, deep learning and operations research tools and methods to transform strategic visions and achieve better outcomes.

Multidisciplinary Approach

S4DS adopts the unique multidisciplinary approach where domain specific knowledge is used to truly understand the power and limitations of data.

Social Responsibility

Ensuring the responsible use of data for the benefit of the society. we provides a variety of resources to stay current on data science, machine learning, and deep learning topics. Our conferences host leading experts on the topics and challenges driving data science.

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Society for Data Science is a Vibrant Community of Data Scientist and Machine Learning Professionals. Our members are innovating solutions using data science and making a difference to the world. S4DS membership is open to data scientists, scientists, students, academicians and others who are interested in science and the data science professional Community. Membership consists of large corporates, Education Institute, start-ups and individuals from across the globe.

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