Objectives of S4DS

The prime objectives of the
Society for Data Science is ...

Forum for Interchange

To provide a forum for interchange of ideas on Data Science among students, researchers, companies, governments along with other relevant stake holders.

Promote and Create Awareness

To promote and create awareness about the Data Science in the rapidly-changing world, as an area where there is lots of opportunities for placement and research, in India and worldwide by connecting individuals, corporations and data scientists.


To gather data science enthusiasts and empower them to be ready for data science careers through hands-on practical workshops, trainings, public events, and distinguished guest lectures, to assure base-level data scientist competency.

Real-life Applications

To provide an enjoyable and interactive platform for real-life applications of data analysis

Data Science Solutions

To advocate adoption of Data Science solutions for all most all the domains, with a special focus on social problems.

Educational Initiatives

To develop and deliver educational initiatives in the domain of data analytics and data sciences to support the next generation of data scientists.


To develop government and industry partnerships for research, education, and training.


Seek to commercialize its technology, methods, and patents related to data science to deliver solutions that will benefit industry and society at large.

Outreach Programs

To develop outreach programs to the community by creating new opportunities from data science.

Centres of Excellence

To support a small numbers of new “Centres of Excellence” in the domain of data science.

Think Tank

To develop a Think Tank to advise and assist Government of India / state Governments and other such agencies for all data intensive projects with possible Data Science Solutions.


To provide an avenue for Data Science Certification.


To publish a Newsletter / Magazine/ Journal.

Seminars and Conferences

To Organize Seminars and conferences regularly at different locations in the country as well as abroad.


To recognize the exemplary work done in the field of Data Science, Innovation and Start-ups.


To set standards for the ethical professional practice of data science.

Shape a Better Future

Helping to shape a better future – not just for the powerful, but for the majority of people.