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The recent webinar conducted by Ms. Kranti Athalye, Sr. Manager University Relations – Employer Branding and Technology Evangelism, IBM India, Pune, in the realm of data science & analytics was very insightful and interesting specifically for those students and young aspirants who wish to pursue their professional career in data science domain. The session was mainly designed to focus on the career aspects in the data science field which would appeal to such individuals who are looking forward to kick start their career in this domain.

Being a thorough professional, Kranti commenced the webinar by reiterating the evolution of data science over the years along with the inception and development of computer technology. She enunciated about the nature of the data generated, 80% of which is unstructured in nature. This opens up an entire new gambit of opportunity and work that is required to be carried out in this area. She then defined the data science in a very comprehensive and apt manner where she also explained its relationship with the cloud. The cloud and the data science are the most common terms which are coined together in the tech space, specially by the data science community. She also described highly informative views on data management which mainly comprised of the areas of data growth & analytics, govt policies & regulation and data securities. According to her, these areas could be potential fields for an aspiring data science professional.

The heart of analytics relies primarily on data accuracy. The consistency of topic was maintained as she covered this particular area in her lecture wherein, she spoke about the on-going research in removal of bias from the data set.

She then walked through the roles and responsibilities of a data scientist and how it demands an understanding of both the IT and management fields. She also explained the prerequisite to become a data scientist in India as well as other countries. Moreover, she also explained in detail as to how a workflow is tackled and about the technology which is involved in delivering the data science projects. She also covered the top 10 areas of technology involved in the data and analytics. In addition to this, she mentioned the top 15 tools and top machine learning algorithms used in the field of data science. The speaker also introduced the concept of AI ladder as both the domains are entangled together. She also gave an insight into different other domains such as environmental science, smarter transportation, agriculture, smarter infrastructure, etc. where data science plays a very important and pivotable role. She concluded her talk by briefing in-depth about the non-technical skills like intellectual curiosity, business acumen and communication skills, which are essential to flourish in this domain.

This web lecture was extremely enlightening and valuable for a data science enthusiast. It gave a 360-degree holistic view of data science in the most comprehensive manner. One can find it very useful for starting a data science journey.

This webinar is available our YouTube channel. The link is given below.